Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tetterbaum’s Truth by S.R.Claridge, published by Vanilla Heart Publishing

Review posted by Justin Rentschler, RipeReviews
The story starts out slowly and lends itself toward romance, but by the time you reach the third chapter the plot twists into a suspenseful delight for the mystery lover.  It’s like a rollercoaster ride in the dark.  Just when you think you have anticipated the next turn, you are skillfully thrown in the opposite direction.  This is a book that mixes the genres of romantic suspense and full-blown mystery very well, and I suspect will appeal to both groups of readers.

Seemingly weak and pathetic, Angel Martin plays the role of victim well; but we quickly learn it isn’t weakness that drives her, but the mere ignorance of a past she’s never known.   When she discovers her true identity, her genetic make-up explodes with strength and the test becomes not one of can she handle the truth, but can she learn to trust her instincts and harness the power the truth holds? 

S.R.Claridge is a remarkable writer of character without drudging on in endless paragraphs of description.  She brings lively dimension to the faces in her story, painting enough detail for the reader to picture the character, feel their motivation and relate to them as if they were standing in the room.  She weaves humor and emotion with perfect timing throughout. The character of Olga, in particular, offers comedic relief when tension is at its highest. Her novel is fiction but you’d swear you were actually experiencing what Angel experiences while traversing the pages.  Expect your adrenaline to increase, your pulse to pound and your eyes to widen with disbelief as you try to figure out what will happen next.  And you won’t be able to do it.

Tetterbaum’s Truth is the first in a series entitled, Just Call Me Angel, published by Vanilla Heart Publishing.  The second installment is entitled, Traitors Among Us, and I plan to crack it open this evening, rendering a review within the next few days.

On a scale of 1 to 5, this book earns 5 stars.  It’s an easy read, a quick page-turner and the entertainment value is on a “you-don’t-want-to-miss-this” level.  Congratulations to S.R.Claridge and Vanilla Heart for offering a series unique to the market.  Readers will love it because it’s well-written, oddly heartwarming, and refreshingly new. 

APEX Reviews called Tetterbaum’s Truth a “bona fide suspense thriller and a non-stop ride of action and adventure.”  That sums it up.

Tetterbaum’s Truth is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords in ebook and in print.  For more information about S.R.Claridge:

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