Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Author Research Summary on S.R.Claridge

I am in the process of reviewing a suspense series entitled, Just Call Me Angel,  written by author S.R.Claridge, represented by Publicist Maxwell Crighton (PublishingPublicityLLC) and published by Vanilla Heart.

Before I agree to review a piece of work, I research the author because it provides me with a bit of background, which in my experience usually comes through in the work itself.  What I have learned about author S.R.Claridge is that she is a graduate of the University of Missouri, Columbia and includes her Alma Mater at random intervals in each of her novels.  Be it the mention of a restaurant in Columbia, the University columns or a sweatshirt from the UMC Bookstore, Claridge holds true to her Tiger roots.  True enough that in every novel her hero or heroine is a Mizzou graduate.  This speaks highly of the author's personal character and tells me she will most likely provide the same depth in the characters she creates.

A second tidbit of information is that S.R.Claridge is originally from St. Louis, Missouri where she grew up as a Cardinal fan, watching her father pitch batting practice for the St. Louis Cardinals for the past thirty years.  I wouldn't be surprised if she works the World Series bound Cardinals into one of her novels.

Third, I watched a video posted on her website, showing the author jumping from a plane 18,000 feet above sea level as an act of research for an upcoming novel.  I've known people to skydive but never met an author willing to take the plunge just so she could accurately describe the feeling on paper.  She's got courage, determination and, if you watch the video, she's just plain likeable.

I'm anticipating her spunk to shine through on the pages of her novels and will be somehow disappointed if it does not. You may check out this author yourself at

My review begins with book one of the Just Call Me Angel series entitled,  Tetterbaum's Truth.  Look for my review to post on Monday, October 24, 2011.

by Justin Rentschler,

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